3 words for the church in 2020 and beyond  

                                        ‘ I (we)  were wrong’

As we look toward this year’s resolutions the hope is that the congregations in churches might recognize their errors   enough to utter these words if in the past, they have made an error in judgement. 

Or perhaps it would apply to pastors who recognize that they mishandled a difficult situation.  Could we humble ourselves enough   to be able to utter these three simple words in 2020? These are words can repair past hurts and differences.  It might foster Christian dialogue and perhaps even bring skeptics back into the church.

But they are hard words to say: “I was wrong.”

There are many things the church should admit we were wrong about. But admitting any error does not fall easily from the lips of religious folk – ironically, the very people who want others to confess their sins and turn from their wicked ways are the ones who will blatantly ignore what the scriptures teach. Because of pride.

Christian people will sacrifice the church – their testimony  and obedience to the Lord to save face.   Is it not time for the church, congregation and pastors to say “ I (we) were wrong”.  Many pains and hurt could be healed with those words.  Think about it !!

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